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Years of dealing with retail traders from all walks of life, experience levels, and amounts of risk capital, prompted me to compile the answers to the most pressing questions asked by commodity newcomers into a single source.  As an industry insider, I feel as though I have developed a keen understanding of the risks and rewards of commodity trading and the goal of "A Trader's First Book in Commodities" was to deliver a candid, yet optimistic and entertaining account of the realities involved.  


A front row seat to the trading world has provided me with a perspective that, I believe, is unique relative to many authors on the subject.  Accordingly, in writing this book I was able to inject a behind the scenes look at many of the aspects that are not covered in much of the previously published material aimed at educating beginning commodity traders.  

Why I wrote A Trader's First Book on Commodities.

Why Carley Garner Wrote A Trader's First Book on Commodities
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