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“As an industry insider and active trader, Carley provides excellent perspective in trading commodities. She simplifies the process and explains in detail how to gain access to the markets and how to avoid the common mistakes for novice traders. This is a must read and one that has shelf life as an important resource in commodities trading.”

     —Stephanie Link, CIO, The Street


“This easy-to-read introduction to futures trading provides a comprehensive overview while being honest about the risks. If you are as hard working as Carley is, it will surely whet your appetite  to read more about the incredible business of trading commodities!”

     —Linda Raschke, LBRGroup/FuturePath


“As a 35-year veteran of the CME/CBOT trading floor, I can tell you…those who think they can begin trading commodities without knowing the less talked about topics that Carley discusses in A Trader’s First Book on Commodities are sadly mistaken. Anyone who trades their own account, or would like to, should read this book.”

     —Danny Riley,


“I own and operate one of the longest running independent brokerage firms in the industry.  Take it from me, there is a lot more to futures trading than studying charts and reading the news; this book delivers what most commodity books are missing. Carley goes a long way toward shortening the learning curve for anybody that is serious at getting involved in the futures and options markets. A Trader’s First Book on Commodities is a must have for newbies or experienced traders looking for a fresh perspective.”

     —Matt Zaner, Zaner Group LLC


“Carley does a masterful job connecting the rich history of commodity trading with the modern day trading markets. It’s not easy trading any market, but this book gives any trader a chance to advance their knowledge. While times have changed, the art of trading commodities has not; this piece is a must have for a trader getting started.”

     —Bob Lang, Contributor,, and Founder,

Best Selling Futures and Options Book for Beginning Traders
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